Incinerating toilet Separett Basic 230 V

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Separett® Basic (previously named CINDI® Basic) is our simplified incinerating toilet where the incineration program has one fixed setting. Incinerating toilets are getting increasingly popular all over the world due to the fact that they reduce the humanure to a small amount of ash – easy to handle and can be used as a fertilizer in your garden.

Separett Basic is an incinerating toilet that burns waste to ashes at around 550° Celsius (1200 Fahrenheit). Like an oven, it uses a heating element to heat up the chamber. All moisture and liquids are evaporated and all solid waste together with the paper bag is incinerated to ashes. The time needed to reach 550°C depends on the amount of waste and liquids that is present in the chamber during the process. Only urine, solid waste and toilet paper may be incinerated.

Our incinerating toilets has the highest safety standards and are equipped with a number of safety features that are independent of each other. They are also equipped with a mechanical overheating protection that only can be reset manually – ensuring a safe and comfortable ownership.

When no program is running, and the toilet is in standby mode, the fan constantly operates at low speed. The purpose of this is to let moisture ventilate out of the toilet and to prevent cold air from getting in to the toilet through the pipe. When an incineration program is running, the fan draws air through the incineration chamber to constantly add oxygen to the incineration process. This also enables hot air and smoke to flow through the pipe and out of the chamber

As long as the toilet is attached to the ventilation pipe, the power should be turned on. When the fan spins, it prevents moist air from entering the toilet. If the power is turned off, the toilet should be disconnected from the pipe and the pipe plugged to prevent moist air from entering.

Separett Basic informs you of what state it’s in or if it requires any special attention via a button and a series of light signals. Additional information can be found in the manual.

Separett Basic is optimized for your cottage and/or Tiny house but can also be installed in your home or in a quest house. It has the capability of handling the humanure from up to 6 persons on a regular basis. The toilet is used whenever it’s needed, even if someone has just visited it. The toilet keeps track on the number of visits and adapts the incineration time to ensure that the waste product is always ash. It is therefore important to start the incineration program after each visit.

Separett Basic is a safe toilet. It has a wide Array of built in safety systems that closely monitors the temperature in the oven, inside the toilet and the ventilation temperature. It is also fitted with at “stand alone” over heat protection that works outside the regular firmware. If the temperature in any location gets higher the normal the incinerating process automatically shuts down and the display informs you of this.

Includes : long bend Ø 110 mm 90°, vent cowl, 100 paper bags

Capacity : 6 users
Max user weight: 150 kg
Dimensions : 635 x 395 x 535 mm
Seat height: 51 cm
Material inner container: Acid resisting steel
Material upper part: ABS - antibacterial and recyclable
Material lower part: White enameled galvanized plate
Energy consumption: 0.6-2.4 kWh/use
Total effect: 1,8 kW
Voltage: 230 V
Noise level in use: approximately 55 dB(A)

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