About us

Have you heard the call for sustainability and self reliance ? This website is a great start on that new path. We have been slowly finding a way to live closer to nature and our fragile ecosystems while still keeping one foot in the comfort zone that humanities technologized advancements offered us.

Including, but not limited to, advanced easy to use water filtration systems, solar energy, hot water and a decent toilet that no one needs to go without. Some of us are ready to squat in the forest when nature calls, but what about city folks ? When you have a whole family to consider, a nice Separett® can really come in handy ; and when water shortages start hitting us, an easy safe solution that can filter any water you can find find even be a life saver.

At 'evergreen', this is what we think about. Finding solutions to our off-grid needs and sharing the products that have personally worked (and are still working) for us !

Whether it's for a holiday cabin at a quiet lake, a mobile home, a temporary office or even a homestead, some of our ideas will work for you.


the team @ evergreen