Ejektor tank 50l with 10 m hose

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With Separett Ejektortank the urine is automatically diluted to the correct mixture, eight parts water and one part urine, so that vegetation can absorb the nutrition without being damaged. The urine, which contains most of our useful waste, can simply be spread over flowerbeds, plants, lawns or bushes.

The volume of 50 liters is sufficient for a second home with spreading every second or third week. A float shows when the tank is full.

Separett Ejektortank is easy to fit and has no moveable parts. In order for it to work optimally it needs access to water with a pressure of at least 2.5 bar (250 kPa). If you have access to greater water pressure then you can manage with greater differences in height between the spray mouthpiece and the tank.

To empty the Ejektortank, connect an ordinary garden hose with a ½” connector (Gardena type) to the corresponding connector on the tank. Uncoil the ¾” hose supplied with the tank, ensuring it is not kinked. Turn on the tap supplying the ½” hose. This will draw urine from the tank and mix it with water, discharging it via the ¾” hose. The ratio of urine to water(1:8) in the mixture will remain constant, regardless of variations in the water pressure (flow rate) (minimum 2.5 bar) from the hose tap. You will hear a slurping sound when the tank is empty.

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