Retrete a separación de orina Villa Extend 12V / 230V

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Separett Villa® Extend (antes llamado Villa® 9020) es un inodoro separador de orina que necesita un contenedor externo debajo del suelo, permitiendo así la colección de cantidades más importantes. Este contenedor tiene que accesible desde el exterior para vaciarlo.

This toilet is suitable for permanent or leisure living with space under the house, for example households that stand on a hill above cliffs. In addition to the waste container of Villa Extend being located outside of the toilet area, it also has the option of a higher capacity than a regular Villa-toilet depending on the choice of external collection container. When buying a Villa Extend, our Accessory Package (Article no.: O122701) has everything needed to collect the dry waste from Villa Extend. This includes external collection containers that hold 50 liters, which is twice as much as the latrine container in a regular Villa toilet.

Villa Extend has high operational reliability, is easy to install and does not take up more space than a standard toilet seat. The fan exhales the small odor that is formed despite urine separation and also contributes to a better indoor climate by constantly keeping the air in the property in motion. The fan is efficient and quiet and feels best from continuous operation. The view screen hides the dry waste in the latrine container and is only pushed away when you sit down to use the toilet. This means that you never see the toilet waste except when it is time to empty.

The Villa Extend is supplied with a 12 V fan making it suitable for battery and/or solar power. A 230V adapter is included if you want to use it on a regular plug (a separate 230 V fan is also available as an option on request).

Material : polipropileno brillante reciclable
Dimensiones : 67,2 x 45,6 x 54,1 cm ; Weight : 19 kg
Voltage/power : 12 VDC-230 VAC / 2.5-16.5 W
Energy consumption : 0.06-0.396 kWh/day
Noise level : 31-41 dB(A)
Max user weight : 150 kg
Seat height : 44 cm

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