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UPGRADED VERSION 2023, with new opening mechanism


Separett Tiny® is a urine diverting toilet that is especially developed for tiny homes and other small spaces such as camper vans, caravans, boats, hunting cottages etc. All that is needed for installation is the electric energy of 12 V or 110–240 V and a 50 mm pipe that is used for ventilating the toilet (and a 32 mm urine hose for the version without urine container).

This product is available in 2 versions :

  • one contains both the liquid and solid waste inside of the toilet with two containers, one for urine and one for the solid waste. The urine container has a sensor that gives a signal to the Separett-logotype that lights up in a red color when it is time to empty the container ; we estimate that the urine container needs to be emptied 2-3 times per week if the toilet is being used in a permanent home of 2 people ;
  • in the other one, urine is led to an external container (not included) which is emptied when needed.

For a family of 2-3 people, we estimate that the solid waste container needs to be emptied once per week.

The view screen hides the solid waste in the container and is pushed to the side when you sit down to use the toilet. This results in that you only see the toilet waste when it is time to empty the solid waste.

Material : Recyclable high gloss polypropylene
Solid container capacity : 14.5 liters
Urine container capacity : 7.1 liters
Voltage/power : 12 V / 1.6 W
Energy consumption : 0.04 kWh/day
Connection : 1.55m cable. Adapter 110/230V-12V
Noise level : <30 dB(A)
Max user weight : 150 kg
Seat height : 44 - 45,2 cm
Pipes : Ventilation out 40 cm Ø 50 mm | Urine out Ø 32 mm

Included : 2 compostable bags Tiny®, 1 sample Bioblock, 1 sample Absorb Pack Tiny®, universal adapter for 110-240 V use, ventilation grid with insect net, ventilation cowl (and for the urine evacuating model : 
Ø 32 mm urine hose 2 m with 1 socket and 1 90° elbow, and flashing)

Data sheet Tiny® with urine container

Data sheet Tiny® with urine hose