Urine separating toilet Villa 12V / 230V

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Separett Villa can be placed in both warm and cold spaces and handles sporadic use just as well as continuously use. It's therefore suitable for all types of living.

The separation of the urine and the solid waste reduces both smell and volume that needs to be handled giving you a hygienic and carefree toilet. The material mimics porcelain in appearence making it very easy to clean. In design, comfort and quality it very much corresponds to a normal WC.

When you sit down the unique pressure seat opens a view screen that otherwise covers the solid waste container. At the same time, the container is rotated so that the contents are evenly distributed.

The toilet can be operated with 230V or with 12V solar cell / battery power. Adapter for both options is included with the toilet. The fan (2.5 W, 210 mA) has very low energy consumption and is therefore suitable for battery or solar cell operation as well. The battery is not included.

This is included with the product: Vent. pipe 40 cm Ø75 mm, Vent grid, Flashing, 90° bend, wind cowl, 1 waste containers, 1 lid, 2 compostable waste bags, 1 sample Bio-Drain, 1 sample Absorb-Pad, 2 m white urine hose Ø32 mm, screws for mounting.

Material : Recyclable high gloss polypropylene
Solid container capacity : 23 liters
Dimensions : 67,2 x 45,6 x 54,1 cm ; Weight : 19 kg
Voltage/power : 12 V / 2.5 W
Energy consumption : 0.06 kWh/day
Noise level : <30 dB(A)
Max user weight : 150 kg
Seat height : 44 cm

Data sheet

Note : this model was previously named Villa 9010

Learn more about composting your poo : The Humanure Handbook